Kondan Top100 – lista, päivitetty 27.1.2013

11The Godfather: Part II1974Coppola Francis Ford
22The Godfather1972Coppola Francis Ford
33Apocalypse Now1979Coppola Francis Ford
44A Clockwork Orange1971Kubrick Stanley
55There Will Be Blood2007Anderson Paul Thomas
66Dr. Srangelove or: How I Started to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb1964Kubrick Stanley
77Platoon1986Stone Oliver
88Pulp Fiction1994Tarantino Quentin
99Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo1966Leone Sergio
1010One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest1975Forman Milos
1112Requiem for a Dream2000Aronofsky Darren
1213The Deer Hunter1978Cimino Michael
1314Blade Runner1982Scott Ridley
1415Born on the Fourth of July1989Stone Oliver
1519Inception2010Nolan Christopher
1616Sideways2004Payne Alexander
17112001: A Space Odyssey1968Kubrick Stanley
1817Watchmen2009Snyder Zack
1923American Beauty1999Mendes Sam
2024Heat1995Mann Michael
2125Fargo1996Coen Bros.
2227The Silence of the Lambs1991Demme Jonathan
2318Man on the Moon1999Forman Milos
2421American History X1998Kaye Tony
2544Into the Wild2007Penn Sean
2622Bram Stoker's Dracula1992Coppola Francis Ford
2720The Shining1980Kubrick Stanley
2828Das Boot1981Petersen Wolfgang
2926Magnolia1999Anderson Paul Thomas
3029Schindler's List1993Spielberg Steven
3130Ben-Hur1959Wyler William
3231Full Metal Jacket1987Kubrick Stanley
3332The Insider1999Mann Michael
3434Festen1998Vinterberg Thomas
3557Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas1998Gilliam Terry
3635The Matrix1999Wachowski Bros.
3736Scarface1983De Palma Brian
3839Der Untergang2004Hirschbiegel Oliver
3941Se7en1995Fincher David
4043The Thin Red Line1998Malick Terrence
4152Memento2000Nolan Christopher
4259Boogie Nights1997Anderson Paul Thomas
4399Shutter Island2010Scorsese Martin
4437Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles1994Jordan Neil
45101Lost in Translation2003Coppola Sofia
4650Amadeus1984Forman Milos
4754Half Nelson2006Fleck Ryan
4849Contact1997Zemeckis Robert
4960Trainspotting1996Boyle Danny
5038L.A. Confidential1997Hanson Curtis
5140The Godfather: Part III1990Coppola Francis Ford
5247Gladiator2000Scott Ridley
53101The Big Lebowski1998Coen Bros.
5446Wonder Boys2000Hanson Curtis
5542Alien1979Scott Ridley
5645C'era una volta il West1968Leone Sergio
5733The Dark Knight2008Nolan Christopher
5856Eyes Wide Shut1999Kubrick Stanley
5958The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford2007Dominik Andrew
60101The Last of the Mohicans1992Mann Michael
6148The Doors1991Stone Oliver
6255Brokeback Mountain2005Ang Lee
6361Traffic2000Soderbergh Steven
6451The Abyss1989Cameron James
6587Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004Gondry Michel
6653Stranger Than Fiction2006Forster Marc
6766Reservoir Dogs1992Tarantino Quentin
6865Tous les matin du monde1991Corneau Alain
6968Black Swan2010Aronofsky Darren
7071Kill Bill: Vol. 22004Tarantino Quentin
7172Kill Bill: Vol. 12003Tarantino Quentin
7274The Station Agent2003McCarthy Thomas
7376Sin City2005Rodriguez Robert, Miller Frank
7469Once Upon a Time in America1984Leone Sergio
7570The Shawshank Redemption1994Darabont Frank
7667The Departed2006Scorsese Martin
7773Twelve Monkeys1995Gilliam Terry
7877Deliverance1972Boorman John
7978Inglourious Basterds2009Tarantino Quentin
8081Nixon1995Stone Oliver
8162The Hunt for Red October1990McTiernan John
8263Midnight Express1978Parker Alan
8364Aliens1986Cameron James
8479The Exorcist1973Friedkin William
8589Mystic River2003Eastwood Clint
8675The Wrestler2008Aronofsky Darren
8782No Country for Old Men2007Coen Bros.
8883Donnie Darko2001Kelly Richard
8980National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation1989Chechik Jeremiah
9085Falling Down1993Schumacher Joel
9190Star Wars: Episode V - Empire Strikes Back1980Kershner Irvin
9284Cop Land1997Mangold James
9391Mulholland Dr.2001Lynch David
9492Donnie Brasco1997Newell Mike
9595Any Given Sunday1999Stone Oliver
9697Minority Report2002Spielberg Steven
9798Stand by Me1986Reiner Rob
9886Gandhi1982Attenborough Richard
99101Good Will Hunting1997Van Sant Gus
100100Gangs of New York2002Scorsese Martin